Spiritis Church is the true, Original Church founded by Jeshua and his Apostles and empowered by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, after that referred to as Spiritis Sancti (The Church of the Holy Spirit).  All other Christian churches came after and, in reality, are its branches.   Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Love alone are its supreme authorities.  Spiritis Church accepts and affirms the value of all denominations of Christianity, and does not espouse any doctrinal limitations or exclude the truths of God in any way they may appear.

The old, the New, and the Eternal: When Jeshua told his Apostles to carry the Good News to the entire world, he did so with full expectation that all the diverse cultures and traditions of man would be respected while lifting them up to a higher truth.  And so it is, Spiritis Church has such ancient and wide spread roots that it has entered every ethnic and cultural environment of the last two thousand years.  Many times the Christian message has so deeply merged with a compatible tradition that Truth and the tradition were assumed to be the same.   Dispelling such assumptions, we must never forget that all traditions are created from the fabric of human society, and beliefs even though they may have been elevated by a Higher Truth.  There must always be allowance for change and growth so that Eternal Truths may be viewed freshly within each new and birthing generation.  Spiritis Church is dedicated to this evolving allowance, while cherishing the richness, complexity, and beauty of its sacred heritage.

Ministry Course & Degree Program

Spiritis Seminary is an extension of Spiritis Church. Its graduates receive a Doctor of Divinity (D.D.) degree and the title "Minister and Chaplain", with all the legal and spiritual rights and privileges thereof. More importantly, they are empowered to share the wisdom conveyed by Jeshua, himself, as documented in Bishop Green's internationally acclaimed book, "Love Without End... Jesus Speaks."

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Association for Spiritis Ministers

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In order to better facilitate and expand connections between our ordained Spiritis Ministers we have created an Association for Spiritis Ministers. 
While your ordination is for life, there is an ongoing cost to us for maintaining a private community wherein you can:

1)    Stay connected securely
2)    Upload your own profile,
3)    Posts your projects, and communicate with your fellow ministers
4)    Be supported in your various needs,
5)    Receive updated ID cards and transcripts,
6)    In addition to myriad unique responses, newsletters, and inspirational thoughts.

That cost to us must be offset by an annual membership fee of $35 from you.  This is free to newly enrolled students for one year or those who have been ordained less than one year.  Your continuing membership is purely optional and not required to maintain your ordination.  It is just a good thing to do—to join, connect, and support other members in your Minister's Association. 
To join the Spiritis Ministers Association, simply call or email our office 928-204-1665 and Candace will take your payment or tell you how to make it online.
We also now have a Facebook site for Spiritis Church which is free.  If you feel that you have nothing to gain from our private association, follow this link to join us on Facebook.
For those who are interested in becoming a Spiritis Minister please check out our Course of Study.